Map of recreation, sports, food and wine to do around the Casa Vacanze Le Scuderie.

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Map of recreation, sports, food and wine to do around the Casa Vacanze Le Scuderie.

The first Italian WWF refuge in the marshland of Bolgheri

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This wonderful refuge is located exactly 5 minutes away from Le Scuderie (km 269, 400 of Via Aurelia towards Bolgheri). From there you’ll be touched and be able to enjoy the whole area from the various viewpoints to observe a huge number of fowls and mammals. If you look around the big pastures while passing through the first part of the road towards the refuge, you can already notice deer, rabbits, wild boar.

The history of this refuge dates back to 1959, when Mario Incisa della Rocchetta decided to transform his waterfowl shoot, 180 acres of freshwater marsh surrounded by 1100 acres of forested swamp, wet meadows, pastures and arable land, into the first Italian private natural reserve. 

The WWF Bolgheri refuge stretches for about 513 hectares and it preserves the traditional Maremma coastal landscape: farm land is enclosed by wooded hedges, while closer to the sea pastures flood during winter.

You will have the opportunity to be enchanted by numerous species. Keep silent to listen to their sounds, observe their flights. Be simple observers of Nature and of the colourful landscapes which you wil be plunged into.

Leave all your thoughts behind and delve into this beautiful experience. You will never wish to leave this paradise of colors, water, glares and animals again.

Herons, wild ducks, widgeons, gadwalls, pintails and shovellers are only some of the species which you’ll be able to observe during your visit. In  Spring, instead  you’ll be able to see many species of stilt-birds such as godwits, ruffs, tatlers, redshanks, sandpipers, stilt-plovers, avocets, purple herons and many others!

The good news is that since 2008 the Bolgheri Wildlife Refuge hosts a pair of nesting White Storks, which have not nested in Northern Maremma for 200 years, Besides deers, wild boars, hedge-hogs, foxes, you can also find roe deers and martens.

During summer evenings, you can visit the refuge in a special atmosphere. The visit includes a happy hour cocktail on the beach and a tour in the marshland under the light of fireflies.


Visit Bolgheri WWF refuge:

SP 39 Vecchia Aurelia, km 269,400

57022 Castagneto Carducci

The Bolgheri Oasis is open from November to April, (reservations required). Saturday and Sunday, with two entrance times: 09:30 am and 2:00 PM.

Opening time: October 1st May 31st.

In June an and July theme evening and night guided tours.

Previous reservation is required.



Casual clothing, comfortable and appropriate shoes, binoculars and camera


cell. 338.4141698 – 389.9578763

Spas in Maremma (Tuscany), Natural Springs and Thalassotherapy

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In the surrounding area of our Guest house, there are several spas you can visit and try. Close to the Scuderie, the Tombolo Talasso Resort offers day spa packages, including beach access,  relax in the spa and dinner/lunch/happy hour. Tombolo Resort is located directly on the beautiful beach of Marina di Castagneto. Professional skilled staff will assist you  in this psychological and physical wellness experience of thermal baths and various treatments including thalassotherapy.

If you are looking for natural springs and you are visiting the area of the Baratti Gulf, you can enjoy the sea in the morning and spend the afternoon at the Calidario spa, a natural spring providing beneficial effects  with its water and steam baths.

Calidario is open all year round and includes a Thermarium, a wellness area in a striking atmosphere with sauna, Turkish bath, sensory showers, Jacuzzi, relaxation area and herbal teas. It is suggested to start with the Thermarium and then swim to the outdoor thermal natural spring lake to complete your wellness hot water itinerary.

The spring creates a natural lake of about 3.000 sq.m., a unique natural phenomenon. A deep underneath stream of water, which slowly flows from the inside of the earth at great depths, enriches itself with the mineral microelements by running through limestone, ones that are so beneficial to the skin and bones.

How can you wrap up your day? What about an excellent dinner on the lake with your significant other or with your family? The atmosphere shall be magic and the food is very good.

About 40 minute drive from our location, going towards Monterotondo Marittimo into to the Tuscan Maremma area, lay the Sassetta Spas.

The thermal spring water of the Sassetta Spas rich with sulphates, calcium and precious mineral and oligoelements, springs naturally from the earth at a 50° temperature and with an average flow of 200 liters/min  feeds the spa facility.

Surrounded by chestnut trees and oaks, the pools with different temperatures of the Sassetta Spas are fed by thermal spring water from the Val di Cornia ground water table.

It is a unique place in Tuscany immersed in wild nature. The untouched nature and the special setting contribute to give the feeling to being in some ancient roman baths, thus providing unique feelings: colors, scents and music brings us back to listening to the essence.

Entirely built with river rocks collected in the fields and chestnut wood from the surrounding woods, these spas have an ancient and antique flavor. It is like travelling back in time at the time of the ancient romans who enjoyed spa life. The itinerary entails in addition to a sauna and a Turkish bath, an indoor sensory hot bath pool as well as an outdoor itinerary passing  from the small round pools with a temperature of 36 degrees to the last large pool with a temperature of 24 degrees. Your body shall be regenerated! If you resist at least ten minutes, the freezing cold sensation shall pass and you’ll be able to swim a little and then you may decide to trace your way back to the hot water. In addition, it is also possible to relax on the chaises longues and the sun beds located both inside and outside the spas. The onsite restaurant serves lunch or dinner while using   95% food products from the Cerreta and with  menus includes traditional, vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as customized dishes for any dietary need. You only have to choose which spa to go to or else try them all!:-) In the evening instead, we’ll be eagerly awaiting for you at our vacation home to carefully listen to  your beautiful experiences of the day.


The e-book for kids in Tuscany “Discover Tuscany: art, nature and mysteries”

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“Discover Tuscany: art, nature and mysteries” is the first touristic guide and e-book of Tuscany dedicated to young travellers who want to explore the beauties, the hidden gems and the curiosities of the region with their families.

The decision of a family trip is definitely influenced by the services dedicated to children offered by a destination. This is why this guide and an e-book downloadable from the Web have been created. This guide identifies the areas of interest for young travellers accompanied by their families, presenting in an attractive way some of the cultural and tourist resources of Tuscany.

The e-book “Discover Tuscany: art, nature and mysteries” is a tool that provides a first help with ideas and suggestions for a holiday with children in Tuscany. If you want to go more in-depth with this topic you can visit the section “Family Holidays” on the website and also the section Kids on Around Tuscany.

This e-book is a discovery even for Tuscan people who are invited to visit, appreciate and rediscover their territory through the valorisation of its resources starting from school age. This is also an invitation for people who work in the tourism field to create new itineraries dedicated to this audience.

The guide and the e-book are published in three versions (Italian, English and German) in collaboration with Mediamix into the series “Divertimappe”. “Discover Tuscany: art, nature and mysteries” presents Tuscany to small travellers with a communicative style, a direct language and attractive graphics.

The leitmotif of the e-book is an invitation to discover this land and to appreciate its beauty, authenticity, genuineness, discovering hidden secrets and stories.

Tuscany is presented as a place to be discovered in three thematic sections:
– The Beauty through art, history, festivals between cities and small villages.
– The Nature through the flora, fauna, landscapes, gardens and villas for adventure and outdoor fun.
– The Mysteries through great characters, interesting historical facts and legend to explore science and inventions.

Here for download.

Byking around the Costa degli Etruschi: miles of emotions

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The province of Livorno is ideal for tourists who like byking. Professional bikers and amateurs alike will find their happiness here, as well as families with children.

The area has an old history with bycles, being the birth place of champions such as Paolo Bettini and the venue of many races that take place all year round.

When venturing inland between Livorno and Piombino you can discover the Colline Metallifere. The steep and bendy roads are best for the most experienced cyclists who will discover the colors and scents of this land rich in history.

Along the coast the trails will take you from the sea side to the pine forests , through etruschian archeological sites and mediaval villages passed parks and preserved natural areas to the vignards of Super Tuscan wines.

The mild climate allows training and escursions all year round.

There are iteniries for all kind of cyclists (mbk. Race, tourism) . Some are very long like from Livorno to Piombino  that can be accomplished in two stops for more expert cyclist , to the Etruschian sea trail: an easy 15 km trail that will let you discover the park of Romigliano and the bay of Baratti.

Several trails of medium difficulty will take you to the homeland of the poet Carducci and to the Val di Cornia with a must stop in the village of Suvereto.

Sea, hills, nature history, thermae and much more. Each trail will tell you the story of this land and will real its secrets.

The above are just a few of the possible trails you can cycle and here at Casa Vacanze Le Scuderie we will give you all the maps and information you may require.

If you need a bike office repair we can direct you to one or try to assist ourselves.

You can also find us on Albergabici.

The Blu night of the Costa degli Etruschi

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We promised news from our new website. The first one is this blog through which we plan to keep you up to date about what is happening in our area, Maremma Livornese, and where we are going to post what is worth visiting around Casa Vacanze Le Scuderie.

We start from the Costa degli Etruschi. The land of Castagneto Carducci is located at the heart of the Maremma Livornese right at the centre of the Costa degli Etruschi that takes its name from the ancient inhabitants of the region

Along its coast the land is flat and here it is possible to visit a WWF nature reserve, while a few miles inland it starts to climb to form hills. The coast line along the Mediterranean sea features forests of pine trees that were planted during the XIX century to protected the farmlands recently claimed from the marshes.

Costa Degli etruschi is a narrow strip of land about 100 km long along the sea line. One hundred kilometres rich of traditions and culture, wine and olive oil production and a cuisine that varies from game and venison to fish and farm products.

Tourist attractions are there at any seasons. Furthermore Costa degli Etruschi varies with the change of seasons and of climate but rtemains fascinating and offers new things to discover at every season.

Along with the landscapes also the opportunities offered tovisitors are many. Let us not forget about history and culture. Livorno, planned in 1500 by the Medici family, has a history 500 years old. The nearby cities of Volterra and Massa Marittima, just to mention a few, date back to Etruschian times and their walls and treasures are a testimony to the Roman, Middle Ages and  Renaissance periods.

We take the opportunity to let you know that from June 21 to June 22 there will be the Blue Night of the Costa degli Etruschi. During this weekend the Costa degli Etruschi will be given once more the price  Blue Flag from the European Union and i twill become the stage to celebrate the summer.

Local arts and crafts markets, concerts, performances, dinners, wine and food tastings, open museums, shopping and much more under the blue of the sea, the sky, the flags and most of all the night’s blue.

Link to the event:

It is possible to explore the many itineries of the Costa degli Etrischi by horse, cicling or trekking. These are ways to get close to this land and see it with new eyes. Many of these itineries and tracks leave from nearby the apartments.

In the next news letters we will write more news about these iteneries and more.

We look forward to welcome you in our apartments to show you the story of this beautiful land.